Yankee A Conference

The Cavalcade of Bands sanctions about 42 high school marching band competitions throughout each fall from September to mid-November. Bands are judged on a 100-point linear scale by judges both on the field and in the press box. Bands are placed into one of five classes based on their size, and judged only within their class.
The five classes are:

  • Independence (1-39 members)
  • American (40-55 members)
  • Liberty (56-75 members)
  • Yankee (76-100 members)
  • Patriot (101+ members)

During championship week, bands are divided once more within their class based on their average score throughout the season. Bands with the higher scores are placed into the “Open” division and bands with the lower scores are placed into the “A” division.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cavalcade_of_Bands

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